Spectra Energy

Natural Gas and B.C.

Natural gas has been an important part of B.C.’s energy picture for nearly 60 years. This environmentally responsible source of energy creates good jobs throughout the province and useful products made right here in B.C.

British Columbia enjoys an abundance of natural gas, with vast reserves that are growing as new discoveries are made. We have enough natural gas to meet our energy needs for 160 years, including expanding our use of natural gas for electricity and low-emissions transportation. In fact, British Columbia has more than enough natural gas to share with areas of the world that do not have access to this environmentally and economically important resource.

With huge demand from Asian markets hoping to transition to greater use of natural gas, Spectra Energy has even more opportunities to create good jobs for British Columbians. These opportunities will also generate government revenue that can be used to improve vital public services like health care and education.

By building a natural gas system to Prince Rupert, Spectra Energy will be able to help Asian markets enjoy the benefits of natural gas to power their industries, heat their homes and replace less environmentally friendly fuels. That means protecting our environment at home and creating good jobs for British Columbians, while helping the rest of the world become cleaner and greener.

With natural gas, British Columbia gets the benefits of jobs, investment and government revenue.

Natural Gas Facts

Here are some facts you may not know about natural gas:

  • Natural gas is the cleanest burning conventional fuel on the planet.
  • Natural gas is abundant in B.C. and produced domestically.
  • Natural gas is efficient, from production, to delivery, to use, causing fewer harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Natural gas is reliably available through a highly efficient delivery system.
  • Natural gas can fuel everything from electricity production and manufacturing plants, to home heating and transportation.
  • Natural gas meets about a quarter of North America’s energy needs, and we have the capacity to power even more.
  • Natural gas lines are the safest form of energy transportation in the world.

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